Are you ready for change?

ReKi - broadband mass damper is ready to move the boundaries in dynamic designing of structures - Resonances are not challenge anymore!

  • ReKi can be used as a troubleshooting tool for challenging resonances of structures.
  • ReKi can be used at design phase to tackle resonance challenges or
  • You can optimize your structure using ReKi to whole new level by making your product more lighter, reliable and comfortable.
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Background and Benefits

ReKi - broadband mass damper was developed originally 2011 and first commercial installation was done 2013 in Dominic Republic. After that ReKi technology have been delivered more than 60 ton in weight globally. 

ReKi was developed for the growing need of the industry's vibration control. It was noticed after millenium that products and structures are going to be lighter and at the same moment more power is taken from different applications still customers are expecting more comfort and reliability. This is challenging equation to handle. 

All the structures from mobile phone to oil rigs have many natural frequencies when some excitation frequency like rotating axle, wind etc. is at the same or near then resonance is created. Only the damping of the structure is fighting against disturbing movement at the resonance, typically for example steel or concrete structures do not have much damping. Resonances can create shorten of service life, discomfort and unreliability to products and structures.

ReKi is based on over 100 years old mass damper technology. Tuned mass dampers are used in several applications and you may find one in your car or tall building right next to you. Tuned mass dampers dampen the annoying vibration at resonance frequency. Mass damper also called dynamic absorbers (with less damping) was first patented in the beginning of 20th century by Frahm. It is genious way to handle resonance challenges at design phase of product or use it as a troubleshooting tool. 

Challenge with tuned mass dampers is the narrow frequency band where they work. Near the optimal frequency area is often found a sidebands which can be even higher compared to original resonance peak where tuned mass damper was added in the first place.

ReKi - Resonance Killer, broadband mass damper is changing the game. ReKi works in broadband instead of damping one resonance it tackles many resonances. ReKi works in three directions if needed. This helps dynamic designers to create something unique for example lighter structures than competitors are offering. There are already exclusive rights taken for some technology segments for using ReKi technology. Be the first in your business!

Please ask us more about ReKi technology - we will change the game together!

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