CEO - Mr. Jarkko Keinänen M.Sc. (Tech.) / IPMA-C

Jarkko has more than 15 years of experience related to vibration and noise control. The career was started with paper machines and continued in various applications from mobile phones to oil rigs. Past 10 years Jarkko has been developing mass dampers to dynamic challenges of structures. ReKi™ - Resonance Killer was developed 2011 and it has been used commercially from 2013. Now more than 60 tons of moving mass has been delivered succesfully. In addition, Jarkko has been developing vibration isolators past 15 years.

CoB - Mr. Kalle Vehviläinen M.Sc. (Tech.)

Kalle has more than 17 years of experience related to shock and vibration control. Kalle has been involved in several military projects from army, air force to navy applications. The experience includes modal analysis, UNDEX, AIREX, transient loading measurements and challenging troubleshooting cases globally from industry to research applications. Kalle has been involved in many groundbreaking innovations during his career. 

CTO - Mr. Aki Kinnunen M.Sc. (Tech.)

Aki has more than 12 years of experience related to vibration control and arctic offshore projects. His career started in shipyard and continued with paper machines, then developed into various applications from ships to utility vehicles. Past 10 years Aki has been involved with arctic shipping and various industry projects including challenging measurement applications covering also structural dynamics and loading. For arctic shipping application he has been developing nonlinear dynamic contact simulation for ice-structure interaction.

Vibrol premises are located in Tuusula near Helsinki-Vantaa airport (15 min)

We propose you to visit us before your take-off, we are proud to present ReKi™ technology and services that we offer